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What is Euro cash and carry?

Euro is a Cash and Carry wholesale warehouse for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Euro offers goods of the highest quality and solutions for companies at the best price possible. Euro C & C offers a comprehensive and varied range of household goods, toiletries and poundlines. The Euro range comprises over thousands of products which will satisfy your everyday business needs, save time and money. Thanks to our direct cooperation with Manufacturers, efficient organisation and small margins, we maintain the prices of offered products at an exceptionally low level.

How to become a Euro C & C Member?

It’s very simple, just ring the 0800 970 6818 a few basic questions and before you know you’ve become a member. Together you will also be given a customer reference number and when you are ready to order let the telesales know.

Do I need any documents and identification?

No! not at all. Nor any credit checks required.

Ways of ordering

1) Ring the telesales team on: 0800 970 6818
2) Fax: 0116 2768093
3) Order online (No payment required)

How to order?

Well there are 3 ways to order:-
Its very simple, at the time of your order, please have your customer reference number (e.g. PP 1058) and your product codes which is available on every item (e.g. pc 1138) And will do the rest for you.

What is the minimum order?

Well, the areas we cover the minimum order is only £99.00. That’s right only £99.00 with free delivery.

How do you accept payment?

Strictly cash on delivery to the driver

What should I do, if the price of the goods on my invoice is different from the catalogue price?

Notify the office immediately, matter will be looked into and most probably your query will be dealt within 24-48 hours. However if there are price changes you would be notified at the time of order.

Why on your website there is no payment required for goods ordered online?

That’s right no money is required. You only pay for goods at the time of delivery, once you’ve checked the merchandise, 100% satisfied and then you pay the driver. We believe customers should be rest assured when placing orders with Euro.

How do you maintain so low prices?

We tend to buy large quantities with give suppliers advance provisional orders. And in most instances pay upfront in order to get best achievable price and pass the savings to our valued customers.

What should I do if my business address or name has changed?

Notify immediately, so we can update our records. So there aren’t any complications in neither delivery nor the invoice.

What are Euro C & C opening hours?

Monday to Friday 9am till 5pm.
Closed on Bank holidays

Does Euro sell large packs or in small quantities?

To get the best price from suppliers we have to buy in large packs, however mostly everything we sell is sold in dozens so that less stock space is required and less investment for customers and above all our customers prefer that.

How do we know about special offers?

Two ways: Either sign up to our newsletter which will keep you updated with our offers or when you order just ask the telesales team what are this weeks offers. Which ever you prefer

How do I receive Euro newsletter?

Go to and sign up

How often are Euro offers released?

Usually every 2 weeks.

How to become a Euro employee?

Any jobs that are available will be on the website under the careers section.

What’s the advantage of becoming a Euro customer?

We’ll leave that to our customer’s to answer.
See what our customers have to say more......